A Perspective on CDC Travel Recommendations

A Perspective on CDC Travel Recommendations

Key Points:

Recommendations for Industry

A Perspective on CDC Travel Recommendations

As discussed and shown in TAG’s key point (above), CDC has released guidance on travel for vaccinated and nonvaccinated persons. From TAG’s perspective, the testing and quarantine recommendations do appear to be overly cautious, given where the US is with case numbers and levels of population immunity through both vaccinations and prior infections.

As stated in a New York Times article, “Everything has downsides. And it is the job of scientific experts and public-health officials to help the rest of us think clearly about the benefits and costs of our choices.” Although the article was related to CDC’s recent masking guidance, it is just as relevant here.

As a result, while businesses do need to follow CDC requirements, TAG would recommend that businesses assess their specific situations, employee travel destinations, etc., to make the best possible decisions that weigh and balance the benefits and costs.


RISK Matrix

TAG’s weekly risk matrices are continuing to show downward trends of COVID-19 in the US, indicating that whatever we’re doing seems to be working! TAG’s recommendation would simply be to continue doing what you’re doing, while striving for balance between risks and benefits of reducing/maintaining your current protections.

Positive trends –

  • The Government Stringency Index is 43 this week. Four (4) states’ (California, Colorado, New Mexico, and Oregon) businesses continue to be in mixed opening stages.
  • In Figure 1, this week, we compare the case rate/100K (Table 1) in the population to the percentage of a state’s population that has been fully vaccinated (Table 2). Table 3 compares the previous week’s percentage of states’ populations that have become fully vaccinated full dose (and the rate of change between the last week and this week).
  • As with last week, no states have a TPR ≥ 10% or TPR <10% and a case rate ≥25/100K people! This is positive news and incredibly promising!

Table 1.

Figure 1.

Table 2.

Table 3.

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