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  • Delta Wave Continues in U.S.; Be Sure Handwashing is Included in Protective Measures

    Key Points In today’s Recommendations for Industry, we discuss the continuing wave of the Delta variant and the importance of including handwashing in protective measures. Read more below. The U.S. Senate has approved and passed the bill to overturn Biden’s vaccine mandate (Reuters). The FDA has updated its COVID-19 Tests page with updates on different […]

  • Legionella and Norovirus Cases Increase as Employees Return to Work

    In today’s Recommendations for Industry, we look at the increasing cases of non-COVID workplace communicable diseases, including Legionella and norovirus. Read more below. Global COVID deaths rise sharply, led by surging Delta. Global COVID deaths last week were up more than 20.6%, with about 69,000 people across the world having died; cases increased by 6.5%. […]