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Determining Your Employee Vaccination Strategy

Question: Should I mandate or encourage my employees to get the COVID-19 vaccine? Or should I remain impartial and let them make their own decisions?

Answer: As COVID-19 vaccines become more available, TAG is getting many questions like this from businesses, evidencing that companies across the nation are attempting to determine what their vaccination policies will be. It is a complex issue and one that needs to be strategized by each individual company based on your own situations and workforce. This decision requires companies to look at risks from a public health perspective and a liability perspective.

To assist in that strategizing, TAG has developed an Employer Vaccination Continuum, with some considerations that company management teams can use in your discussions.

As shown, the continuum includes considerations for determinations on mandating, incentivizing, recommending, or staying impartial on employee vaccinations. It is important to state, however, that TAG is not offering a legal opinion, rather it is developed as one approach to help you come up with a strategy. Please consult with your legal counsel for actual liability considerations.

In addition to the decision on employee vaccinations, TAG recommends that the status quo continue to be maintained in terms of worker protections for preventing COVID-19 transmission – and all its variants. There continues to be a great deal of mixed messaging and misinformation around both COVID-19 and the vaccines, but there is no need to change the basic prevention strategies that have been in place – single two- or three-layer mask of tightly woven, breathable, and washable fabric; social distancing; handwashing;  etc.

For further assistance in determining your vaccination strategy, or other COVID-19 or vaccine consultation, give TAG a call. We are continuing to stay current on the most accurate, science-based information on all things COVID.

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