U.S. Seeing Increased COVID Transmission Despite Vaccinations

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U.S. Seeing Increased COVID Transmission Despite Vaccinations

This week’s TAG matrices are showing a general country-wide upward trend of increased COVID-19 transmission rates, even in states with higher vaccination rates. This is a backward trend, likely due primarily to the high transmissibility of the Delta variant, and the reduced efficacy of vaccines against it.

With 40% of states having transmission rates above 1 – indicating that each person infected is transmitting the virus to more than one other person – TAG recommends that businesses keep a watchful eye out on the conditions in their communities and adjust worker protections as needed.

Risk Matrix

We have made a few changes to our risk matrix given the current conditions (and varied vaccination & case rates across the country). While we had originally marked our Test Positive Rates (TPR) cut-off rate at 10%, we are now using 5% as the cut-off. Additionally, we are now using a case rate > 10 cases/100k people as that is still a cut-off point that marks the beginning of concern.

TAG's Matrix is showing:

  • The Government Stringency Index is 23 this week. This is the same as last week, indicating a stability in government stringencies.
  • Arkansas (16 cases/100k), Florida (10 cases/100K), Missouri (16 cases/100k), Nevada (15 cases/100k), Utah (13 cases/100k) and Wyoming (12 cases/100k) have a TPR ≥ 5%.
  • No states have a TPR < 5% and a case rate ≥ 10/100k people.

Table 1.

Figure 1.

Table 2.

Table 3.

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